Progress: explained


An individual inquired that after becoming aware of this progress issue I feel at loss. My religious activities in worship, wird, recitations, etc. have been at a static level for a considerable period of time.  I feel guilty.

Sayyidi wa sanadi SHaykh Mawlana Mohammad Taqi Usmani (may Allah preserve him) answered as he walked towards the mataf to perform tawaf,

‘It must be remembered that there are two components involved in this advancement one is quantity and the other is quality.

There is room that the quantity remains static, but for a seeker  it is essential that the quality of his actions increases every day.

He must try to develop more sincerity, precision and concentration in his actions following and imitating the Sunna. Moreover he must be in constant contact with Allah via remembrance (dhikr) and supplications.

This progress is an imperative requirement for the seeker.’

Makkah al mukarramah, Saturday, 7th February 2009/12 Safar 1430, after esha salah