Calling onto others beside Allah for help


Shaykh Mawlana Qadi Hamid-ud-deen Nagori al-Chishti [d:673H] was one of the foremost khalifas of Gharib Nawaz Khawaja Muin al-Deen al-Chishti [may Allah have mercy on them], founder of Chishti silsila. He was first Chishti shaykh to write a book and one of his book was on the usools of Chishti tariqah. It is mentioned in Gulzaar-e-Abrar p.47 that he reached the status of ijtihad in traditional sciences. He writes regarding calling onto others beside Allah for help:

ومنهم الذين يدعون الأنبياء والأولياء عند الحوائج والمصائب
باعتقاد ان أرواحهم حاضرة تسمع النداء وتعلم
الحوائج وذلك شرك قبيح وجهل صريح

“And there are those who call upon the Prophets and awliya for help in the time of distress with the belief that their souls are ever present, listening [hadhir nadhir] and aware of our needs. This is from the worst type of shirk and clear ignorance.”

[Tafheem al-Masail ba-hawala Tausheeh from Jawahir al-Tauheed, p.272. Courtesy Khanbaba. JazakAllah]