Be intelligent!


Shaykh Shah Wasiullah (may Allah have mercy on him) said,

Imam Abdur-Rehman Ali al-Jauzi (may Allah have mercy on him) has stated in his book ‘Kital al-azkiya’ that,

From all the bounties of Allah bestowed on human beings the most phenomenal is the intellect. This is because it is the instrument of acquiring the  knowledge of Allah (ma’arifa). It helps in the organizing the demands of religion and this world.  It enables one to focus on the eventual outcome. It leads to understanding of complicated things. It drives one to go for the the beneficial things and accumulate them.’

Mawlana Shah Ahlullah, brother of Shah Waliullah (may Allah have mercy on them) stated this in his booklet “Chahar bab’,

‘Intelligence, prudence and far-sightedness are innate qualities but they grow and improve with increase in experience, company of the wise individuals, reading of books of knowledge and listening to tales of wisdom and general advice. Therefore, one must try constantly to improve his mental capabilities.

Furthermore, physical and mental struggle must be done to establish one’s self as intelligent and not being  in the category of stupids.

Intellect is a unique entity. It must be utilized appropriately and not wasted.’

I remind you, that we do not utilize it appropriately and hence we destroy the benefits of both this world and the here-after. As though, we have kept our mental abilities on hold. This in particular I find in the religious individuals. They are totally handicapped in this regards.

Tazkira e musleh al-Umma, page 134