1 thought on “Tasawwuf algorithm

  1. 'abd Post author

    I want to ask you which book you used to develop this chart.
    I can see some numbers beside the items – are they page numbers? I am interested in the book if there is one.

    This chart/algorithm is copied from the book ‘Bawadir an Nawadir’ by Hakim al-Umma رحمه الله تعالي . It is available at major Islamic bookstores, published by Idara e Islamiyat, Lahore, Pakistan. It has also been reproduced in Ma’asir Hakim al Ummat, Shariat wa Tariqat and other subsequent sufi compilations.

    The numbering is not for foot notes or other references.
    Most likely it is for convinience of enumeration, remembering and future referencing.

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