Humility of the Prophet


 Following is an extract from the supplications of our master, the mercy to the Universe Prophet Mohammad (Allah’s blessings and peace be upon him). It is very much reflective of his slavehood (abdiyet).


اللهم إنك تسمع كلامي

وترى مكاني وتعلم سري وعلانيتي

لا يخفى عليك شيء من أمري و

أنا البائس الفقير

المستغيث المستجير , الوجل المشفق

المقر المعترف بذنبه

أسألك مسألة المسكين

وأبتهل إليك ابتهال المذنب الذليل

وأدعوك دعاء الخائف الضرير

دعاء منخضعت لك رقبته 

وذل لك جسمه , ورغم لك أنفه


O Allah! You hear my speech and behold my situation.
You know my secret and open matters.
None of my affairs is concealed from You!
And I am the miserable, needy, suppliant, succor seeking,
fearful and anxious person who confesses and recognizes his sins.
I beg you – the begging of a destitute.
I implore you – the imploring of an abased sinner.
And I make dua to You – the dua of the fearful afflicted person,
whose neck is bowed down before You,
whose eyes pour out tears before You,
whose body is humbled before You and
whose nose touches the ground for You repeatedly.

(Munajat-e-Maqbul, manzil #3 (Monday) , Supplication #108)

May Allah bless us with some degree of this humility. Amin!