Reminder:Parents & relatives!


Your Lord has decreed that you worship none but Him, and do good to parents. If any one of them or both of them reach old age, do not say to them: uff (a word or expression of anger or contempt) and do not scold them, and address them with respectful words,

and submit yourself before them in humility out of compassion, and say, “My Lord, be merciful to them as they have brought me up in my childhood.”

Your Lord knows best what is in your hearts. If you are righteous, then He is Most-Forgiving for those who turn to Him in repentance.

Give the relative his right, and the needy and the wayfarer. And do not squander recklessly.

Surely, squanderers are brothers of satans, and the Satan is very ungrateful to his Lord.

[Quran, 17:23 – 27]