Please, save your mind!


Shaykh Sayyid Wahajuddin Ahmed (Allah preserve him)* said,

“These days following three things make individuals increasingly susceptible to mental ailments, such as depression, mania, etc.,

1. Severing relationships (qata rehmi). That is, to abandon ties with close relatives. The point we have to remember in this regard is that these relationships should not be based on reciprocal friendliness. We should maintain good relations even if the other is pushing us away.

2. Consumption of unlawful (haram). Especially, interest (sood) money.

3. Immodesty. Particularly, related to wearing indecent clothing and watching television. etc.”

16th February 2008

*The youngest son and khalifa e khas of  Shaykh Sayyid Raziuddin Ahmed Fakhiri (may Allah have mercy on him) .