Major sins (kabair)


Shaykh Abu Taleb Makki (Allah have mercy on him) said that I complied the Prophetic sayings related to major sins and found out that there are 17 mentioned explicitly. They include,
Four related to heart,
1. Associating partners with Allah (shirk)
2. Intention of persisting on a sin
3. Being hopeless of Allah’s mercy
4. Being heedless of Allah’s wrath

Four related to tongue,
1. Bearing false witness
2. Allegation of adultery on innocent
3. Swearing falsely
4. Doing magic

Three related to stomach,
1. Drinking alcoholic beverages
2. Consuming the wealth of orphans
3. Taking unlawful tax/rent for agricultural land

Two related to genitalia,
1. Illicit sexual relations
2. Homosexuality

Two related to hands,
1. Killing someone unjustly
2. Stealing

One related to feet,
1. Fleeing from the battlefield in jihad

One related to the whole body,
1. Being disobedient to the parents

May Allah save us from all of these by His mercy. Amin!

Adab e Shaykh wal murid, page 16