Harms of being involved in non volitional issues!


In regards to the effort of acquisition and elimination of non volitional things (umur e ghair ikhtiyariyah) Hakim al-Umma Shaykh Ashraf Ali Thanawi (Allah have mercy on him) said,

‘Failure by the aspirants to achieve this produces progressive frustration. The potential consequences of this frustration are:

1.  Physical illness may develop as a result of constant worry. This in turn results in the omission of many devotional practices.

2.  Frustration sometimes results in ill-temper. Others are then inconvenienced by one’s display of ill-manners.

3.  Overwhelming worry and frustration at times causes one to neglect the rights of one’s family as well as those of others. Such neglect becomes sinful.

4.  Sometimes this frustration reaches to such a level that the aspirant becomes hopeless and commits suicide. Thus, both his dunya and his here-after (aakhirah) are destroyed.

5.  Sometimes the frustration causes him to lose all hope  and he starts considering acts of obedience and righteousness to be useless. In consequence he ends all his righteous activities and his spiritual affairs reaches an abrupt halt.

6.  Sometimes he becomes disillusioned with his Shaikh, losing confidence in him. He then labors under the notion that his Shaikh is not aware of the Path of Sulook.

7.  Sometimes the frustration becomes so extreme that one becomes displeased with Allah that I am trying so hard and still I remain unsuccessful. There is no mercy and attention on me. He  then doubts and denies  Allah’s promises (of guiding whoever so wishes to be guided, etc.)

Al-Usool al-wusool, page 22

May Allah Ta’ala protect us from such a disastrous end. Amin!