Our benefactor: Nafs & Shaytan?

Arif-billah Dr. Abdul Hayy ‘Arifi (may Allah have mercy on him) said,

“My respected Shaykh (Hakim al-Umma) used to say with much amusement,

‘Don’t always quibble about the inner-self (nafs) and Shaytan.

In a sense they are also our benefactor. That is, if there was no sinful ideation by them how could we progress spiritually?

See it for yourself. They instigate us to sin but with firm determination we avoid it. This leads to registering of reward for not sinning in our records.

God forbid, if we slip and commit sin, then immediately we feel remorse and repent making supplication for forgiveness.  The feeling of inadequacy and incompetence arises. The pride of sanctimony and self-righteousness vanishes.  Moreover in the heart the feeling of spiritual collapse and humility is born. This is the servitude (abdiyet) that Allah likes the most. 

Now deduce from all of this how our innerself (nafs) and Shaytan are becoming a source of bringing us close to Allah, Most High.

The only essential condition (to achieve this benefit) is that one should not be negligent of their tricks.”

Ta’lemat e “Arifi, page 62

Washington DC