The love & company of awliya


Shaykh Abu Taleb Makki (Allah have mercy on him) reported this in Quwwat al-Quloob,

A seeker approached a Gnostic of Allah (‘arif billah) and said,

‘ I am heedless of Allah’s remembrance, usually procrastinating good deeds and extremely lazy. Please, advice me on how can I overcome these things.

The Gnostic replied,

 ‘O brother!

If it is possible for you to love the friends of Allah (awliya) and keep their close company then immediately do so.

Perhaps they will keep you in their heart. And remember every day seventy times Allah’s special mercy is focused on these hearts. Maybe someday because of the love you have for them this mercy of Allah will be focused on you to. This will indeed take care of all your problems of this world and here-after.’

Ahl-e-sulook par achi buri Sohbet kay asaraat, page10