Teaching by example


Sayyidi wa sanadiShaykh Mufti Taqi Usmani (Allah preserve him) is in the blessed Medinah these days.

With the Saudi school mid year vacations there is a huge crowd of pilgrims.

Going for the Friday prayers an individual inquired the Shaykh where could he find him in the Haram.  The Shaykh replied that  usually he tries to be in the first row of the mosque.  To do so he left two and half hours before the juma salah time.

This apparently ‘ordinary thing’ is a teaching for all of us who are trying to improve their condition.

The excellence of praying in the first row, coming early for Friday prayers, sitting with the intention of e’itkaf, reading Holy Quran, reciting tasbih & salawat, offering salat at-tasbih, waiting for salah, etc. are things with numerous rewards mentioned in the Prophetic sayings.

Setting our priorities appropriately and useful utilization of time is the key to implementing these things in our practical life.

May Allah facilitate this for us. Amin!

Friday, 12th Feburary 2010, Medinah e munawwarah