Vision of the Prophet

اللهم صل على حبيبك خير الخلق كلهم دائما” ابدا


Shaykh Shah Wasiullah (may Allah have mercy on him) said,

“People yearn for vision of the Prophet (Allah’s blessing and peace be upon him) in their dream. However, this is not within our volitional achievements.  Therefore, I am telling you a method by which perpetual spiritual vision of the Prophet (Allah’s blessing and peace be upon him) can be achieved.

That method is, to be vigilant in keeping in mind and putting into action the Sunna of each occasion and activity. By doing so the impression and reflection of Prophet (Allah’s blessing and peace be upon him) will dominate your thoughts. And this is a magnanimous blessing!’

It is easy to say this.

In reality, in spite of being easy, recalling them (at the appropriate time) and acting on them is solely depended on facilitation (tawfiq) from Allah, Most High. In practical life usually we forget and action on Sunna is missed.  Therefore, we should (make it a habit to) supplicate, ‘O Allah! By Your mercy facilitate for us thorough following of the Sunna of your Beloved Prophet (Allah’s blessing and peace be upon him)’. ذالك فضل الله يوتيه من يشاء


Tazkira Musleh al-Ummat ra, page 99 – 100