Sufi’s piety

Someone informed Hadhrat Mianji Nur Mohammad (Allah have mercy on him) of a man who had an exceptionally beautiful voice. The informer suggested to listen to his performance of  a naa’t (poetry in praise of Prophet, Allah bless him and give him peace) .

Hadhrat Mianji said:

“Sometimes people ask me to be the Imam (leader in prayers). There is difference of opinion on the validity of singing even without the accompaniment of musical instruments. Therefore,  it is more cautious not to  listen to it. Hence, I shall not listen.”

After narrating this episode Hakim al-umma Mawlana Thanawi (Allah have mercy on him) commented:

“This indicates the degree of his respect and regard for the post of Imam. He abstained from even an ikhtilaaf (an act which some say is permissible and others say is impermissible). This was a real Sufi who cared so much for the Shariah.”

Tarikh Mashaikh e Chisht, page 94