Request for esal-e-thawab

Dadi sahiba* wife of Engineer Zafar Ahmad Thanawi, daughter of Sayyid Sajjad Hussain and sister in law of Shaykh Dr Abdul Hayy Arifi (all khulafa of Hakim al-Umma, Allah have mercy on them) passed away today early morning.

She was in her nineties.

Having lost her mother at very young age she spent long duration at Hakim al-Umma’s house in Thana Bhawan, while her father visited for his own islah. Her nikah was performed by Hakim al-Ummat and she also made bayiah with him.

She use to repeatedly tell us that Hakim al-Ummat had a pleasant friendly attitude and was complete and pure loving compassion (shafqat).  She never saw any strictness the people exaggeratedly report.

She also narrated the details of the remarkable Umrah journey her family did via sea with the families of Shaykh Mufti Mohammad Shafi and Dr. Abdul Hayy Arifi (Allah have mercy on them) in 1950s.  Especially mentioning the religiosity and maturity of sayyidi wa sanadi Mufti Taqi Usmani (Allah preserve him) who was a teenager at that time. He use to lead the women of the group in tawaf reciting the supplications and guiding them in its rites.

In accordance with tradition of People of truth, she use to ask us (her grandchildren) again and again  to make supplication (dua) for a blessed ending of life (khatima bil kahir) for herself.

After informing my beloved wife and loving parents, she was the first family member to know about the  ijaza by sayyidi wa sanadi Mufti Mohammad Taqi Usmani (Allah preserve him).  She was exhilarated and made lot of dua.

May Allah make complete magfirah,  raise her status manifold in hereafter, facilitate the stage of qabr & barzakh and give exemplary patience (sabr-e-jameel) to all her family. Amin!

(*Grandmother of my wife.)