Complete deen!

‘Arif-billahDr. Abdul Hayy ‘Arifi (Allah have mercy on him) said,

‘These days major (kabair) and outrageous sins have become prevalent in our society. We consider them to be a form of entertainment. These major sins will never be forgiven until we leave them and repent. Television is being watched in each and every home. Listening music, songs, watching explicit programmes and movies are common day activities.’ 1

‘Brothers! The matter of here-after (akhira) is of extreme magnitude.

It is inappropriate to be at ease by being  ignorant of its details.

There will be enquiry about each and every thing, including your financial dealings, social etiquette and moral character.

Remember that until all of these components of deen are correct your salah, fasting, pilgrimage and zakah(all worhip, etc) will be devoid of soul and true meanings.’2

Ramadhan ul Mubarak: hidayat wa tambihat via Ahmiyet e Ramadhan, page 1:26, 2:28