Reading Quran correctly


Shaykh Shah Abrar ul-Haq (Allah have mercy on him) said,

‘Hadhrat Thanawi (Allah have mercy on him) has written that there are four rights of the Holy Quran,

1. Respect,  2. Love, 3. Reading it with correct pronunciation, and 4. Following its rulings

In (khanqah of) Thana Bhawan some very senior scholars of Prophetic traditions (muhadith) had to read ‘Noorani Qai’da’,  the primer for Quranic recitation.

We are concerned about the exterior painting and maintenance of our homes, so they may appear attractive.

Why aren’t we concerned about the attractiveness of our recitation of the blessed Quran?

Remember that finer realities and subtleties  of Tasawwuf are of no use if attention is not paid to the essential teachings of the religion.

Hayat e Abrar ra, page 261