Breaking the chains of addiction!

Some sins are embedded deep within one’s heart and mind.

There is a strong carving to indulge in them.

Frequent review of admonition from Quran, Hadith, sayings of pious (mashaikh) and even optional acts of deterrence like extra fasting, praying additional salah, recitations of specific litanies, payment of monetary penalties fail to have effect in giving up these sins.

In short, it is what we call an addiction.

How to deal with this addiction?

Shah Wasiullah (Allah have mercy on him) has an answer,

‘A sin once embedded in a heart (& mind) is not given up easily. It requires serious spiritual struggle (mujahidah). It means that the intensity of the treatment depends on the degree of dissemination of the disease. If it has involved the deepest extents of heart and mind the medication has to be delivered to those locations. (1)

For the effective treatment the place darkened by this affliction (heart & mind) has to be illuminated. This illumination is acheived by excessive remembrance of Allah (kasret-e-zikr), vigilance in maintaining ritual purity (taharat),  and meticulous following of the Prophet (Allah bless him and give him peace) in all the matters (itiba-e-Sunna).’ (2)

Taharet e qalb, pages (1) 160, (2) 161.

A mentor or Shaykh is required to decide what is excessive remembrance, how is it to be done, for how long and if in between this treatment there is a problem how to deal with it.