Lover’s share

Hakim al-Umma Mawlana Ashraf Ali Thanawi (Allah have mercy on him) replied to Mawlana Abdul Majid Daryabadi’s complain about his dissatisfaction on Hajj he performed,

‘The only share of the lover (‘aashiq) is despair, misery, failure and loss.

The lover is never satisfied completely.

Anguish and remorse never leave him.

After performance of Hajj if he considered that the obligation was executed properly, it would tantamount to self-praise (ujub). Whereas, on the other hand lover contemplates on how poorly it was done. This is the slave-hood (abdiyet) and annihilation (fana) desired. If by the way there were short comings they can be easily overcome by repentance.

Hakim-ul-Ummat ra, by Mawlana Abdul Majid Daryabadi ra, page 67