Regarding Tablighi Jamat

الدین النصیحہ

Instructions of Muslih al-Umma Shaykh Wasiullah (Allah have mercy on him) in particular to his associates and admirers and in general to all Muslims.

I have received information from various places and reliable sources that in some localities people are meddling with the Tablighi jamat. They neither perform  a work of deen themselves nor they allow others to do so by creating many obstacles in their task. I consider it to be a extremely bad thing that an individual neither does a work himself nor  he allows others to do so and in addition he makes so many objections on them that they are troubled and abandon the task itself.

The need of religious effort in this era is quite evident. It is vividly obvious that many people are required to do this task. It is well known that in every era there will be some servants of Allah who will serve the religion ardently and safeguard it with their soul and life. It is possible that there may be various different ways to fulfill this single purpose. Hence, in this era the truthful scholars (may Allah reward their effort) are doing this struggle to the best of their abilities.

Even if someone disagrees with a particular methodology the best thing to do is to continue working according to his own method to the best of his ability. However, he must also encourage, help and supplicate for the others working for the religion. If he comes to know about some of their lapses then wishing them well he should advise them politely.  He should neither abuse the Jamat itself nor blame their elders due to the slips of few individuals or lay people. I detest this extremely and consider it to be a source of fragmentation among Muslims.  This is not the time for such things. It is essential to make effort to create mutual love and friendship among Muslims and get rid of envy and enmity form their hearts. Mutual co-operation and unity are the stepping stone for any effective religious or secular endeavor.

It is for these reasons I instruct in general to all Muslims in particular to my associates and admirers that the should not meddle with any group  that is doing religious work (including the Tablighi jamat and others). Instead they should help and assist them. If they can not do so then they should at least supplicate for (Divine) good for them. This is because respected Mawlana Mohammad Ilyas (Allah have mercy on him) is from our elders. God-forbid, he is not an innovator or insincere individual, that his group be rejected and criticized.

As far as the issue of mistakes in the method of the newer generation is concerned it has come to my knowledge that the scholars and superiors of Jamat are aware of these. They are not negligent about these and will make effort on their own to make reformations. It should be none of of our concern to meddle with the effort of deen already taking place and unnecessarily open a new gate of calamity (fitnah) among Muslims.

In these perilous times I consider most minute of the  calamities (fitnah) to be fatal for Muslims. Therefore, I want to remain aloof from them and recommend my admires to do so. This is because the religion is to offer (beneficial) recommendation.

Halaat e Muslih al-Ummat ra,page, volume1, 376-7


2 thoughts on “Regarding Tablighi Jamat

  1. 'abd Post author

    I was speaking to a good friend a few weeks ago and he was complaining about how one or two young mujazeen – in the Ashrafiya silsila – constantly meddle and interfere with Tablighi activities and try to convince the kids whom the Tabligh brothers collected off the street to join them instead — all of this they do during the shab-e-juma program, in which the kids are being advised by `ulama. So I was confused on why mujazeen would do such a thing

    It is essential to have balanced understanding of deeni issues to work effectively. Unfortunately we lack this. Moreover, we do not even acknowledge or try to over come this major deficit. Islah,meaning tarbiyet is required to develop this.

    Both tablighis and sufis are meddling with each other due to this. Sufis are more to be blamed in this because they are to be more into islah-e-batin. However, tablighis nowadays do not even acknowledge that islah e batin is something to be achieved with a proper, directed and systematic approach. They consider tabligh will do all for them. This is a major misunderstanding.

    The division of labor, the difference of individual scholarly preferences & understanding, compatibility with an individual’s personal attitude & demeanor (munasbet) and socioeconomic circumstances have to be genuinely taken in to account when discussing the various branches of deeni work.

    Narrowing the deen to a particular and specific branch is being naive.

    In short we should do as Mawlana Kaleem Siddiqui db puts it,
    ‘Be a rafiq (partner) not a fareeq (plaintiff) in deeni effort’.

    Being a partner does not always mean being phsyically involved. It can be by dua, financial or moral support, sympathy, recommendation, etc.

  2. Abu_Tamim

    As salamu ‘alaykum brother. With reference to your statement that the work of Tabligh alone is not enough for islah-e-baatin, I must beg to differ.

    As salam o alaykum wrwb

    You have all the right to disagree.

    None can try to diminish the importance, effectiveness and reward of Tabligh.
    It is the extremism that is being corrected by akabir.

    Tabligh has its own goals, means and objectives and tasawwuf has its own. To say that they are the same is incorrect.

    Individuals who work in Tabligh with the intention of self reformation under the guidance of A SPECIFIC Shaykh (Tablighi sahib-e-ijazet) then only it will be effective for their islah-e-batin.

    The difference of opinion does not always means opposition, hatred or enmity.
    This is a very fine point most of us ignore.
    There is difference of opinion between Imam Abu Hanifa and Sahibain and other fuqaha-e-mazahib (rehmatullah alehim) even sometimes between wajibat.

    We all have to be tolerant and benefit from each other. In-fighting is fitnah and a sign of very poor moral standing. May Allah SWT save us all from it.

    Take care.
    muhtaj e dua

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