Shaykh Mawlana Shah Wasiullah Allahabadi (Allah have mercy on him) often used to cross-examine and challenge the spiritual aspirant by asking questions and making comments. This was for their tarbiyet. That is, inculcating deep in their mind a clear objective of the spiritual path and necessity to work sincerely and diligently for it. 

Some of these included,

‘Why do you people come here?

You have been staying here with me for so long what changes have you brought in your practical life?

What was discussed in the majlis today and what effect did it have on you? Every individual should write it down and give it to me.

You do not have yearning or reverence or respect of the Shaykh?

You do not have sincerity. In its place you have hypocrisy, diplomacy, manipulation, pretense and preference for the worldly. Therefore, your islah is difficult. You should go somewhere else. Why do you corrupt our place?

You have deficency of love or fear of Allah or regard for the Shariah’s grand status.

You display quiescence for the daily routine, a care-free and reluctant attitude, and heedlessness. Therefore, you should stay at your home and disseminate the effects of these things there. Why do you come here to do this?’

Halaat e Muslih al-Ummat ra, volume 2, page 17-8