Mawlana Kalim Siddiqqui (Allah preserve him), khalifa of Sheikh al-Hadith Mawlana Zakariya mohajir Madani and Mawlana Sayyid Abul Hasan Ali Nadawi (Allah have mercy on them) said,

‘In reality the ‘ijazet’ (permission to take murid & instruct others) from the pious are of three types.

Firstly, the permission is granted trusting an individual who has the capabilities to guide and do reformation of others. This is the real ijazet. It is given to the very special and selected individuals.

Second type is when seeing the poor religious state of an area Shaykh gives permission to a relatively more religious person to work for inviting and guiding others in that specific area.

The third type of ijazet is what individuals like us hold. That is, because of it he will abstain from sins. The Shaykh thinks that considering himself to be a mojaz and khalifa he will stay away from sinful activities.’

Arghaman, monthly, June 2010, page 28

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  1. True Life

    Subhan’Allah, these Akabir were true embodiments of humbleness [tawwadhu]. May Allah shower his blessings and mercy upon them all. Jazak’Allah khayran for the continous great work.

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