Shaykh Mawlana Mohammad Manzur Nomani* (Allah have mercy on him) wrote to a disciple,

‘Considering his action to be of inappropriate standard to be presented to Allah, crying on it and making repentance for the shortcomings in it makes a deficient act of worship worthy of acceptance.’

Meyray Shaykh meyray Hazrat Mawlana Mohammad Manzur Nomani ra by Shaykh Qutubud-deen Mullah db, page 42

*Author of Ma’arif ul Hadith, an authority on deviant sects (especially Baraelwis) and editor of monthly Al-Furqan was a khalifa of Mawlana Abdul Qadir Raipuri. He also benefitted from suhba of Shaykh Mawlana Wasiullah Allahabadi.  He was born in 1323H/1905 and passed away in 1417 H/1997. Allah have mercy on them all. Amin!

He gave ijazet e bayah to two individuals only. Al-Haaj Qutubud-deen Mulla in Balguam, Karnataka,  & Hafiz Mohammad Iqbal in Gonda, UP. May Allah preserve them.Amin!