The Sultan!

Writing about his trip to Masjid-e-Aala, Srirangapatnam, the mosque built by  Sultan Tipu (1750-1799) (Allah have mercy on him) sayyidi wa sanadi Shaykh Mufti Mohammad Taqi Usmani (Allah preserve him) said,

‘At the completion of this mosque it was decided that the first prayer (salah) in it will be led by a person who has never missed a single salah. That is, he must be sahib-e-tarteeb.

There were numerous scholars and pious people  present at the inauguration ceremony. However, none of them was in position to say it with certainty that he was sahib-e-tarteeb.

Eventually Sultan Tipu (Allah have mercy on him) admitted that he was  sahib-e-tarteeb and he led the prayers.

Hindustan ka taza safar, Al-Balagh, 45:12 Zil-Hajah 1431, page 32