Arrogance & Humility


‘O Ahmad!

Arrogance is a thing to be discarded, and humility is desired.

Arrogance reflects envy, and humility attracts friendship.

Arrogance is hideous, and humility is beautiful.

Arrogance leads to hatred, and humility brings forth love.

Arrogance is the behavior of niggards, and humility is the attribute of the noble.

Arrogance dissolves friendships, and humility strengthens them.

Arrogance is (one of the) most  evil moral traits in men and women.

O Ahmad!

It is narrated by Ibn e Abbas (Allah be pleased with them) that

I am bewildered by the state of an individual

who has passed through the urinary outlet twice* and displays arrogance. ‘

Mulhemat of Shaykh Jamaluddin Ahmad Hansvi (Allah have mercy on him), page 41-43

(*First as a sperm and then as a newborn.)