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  1. Abu Taha

    As salaamu alaikum,

    What does it mean when a person goes from states of consistent obedience to states of consistent disobedience with the same regularity of the rising and setting of the sun?
    Iman and sincere love of Sunnah in periods of light, and utter headlessness and hypocrisy in the dark nights of the soul.

    Make dua for a struggling soul.

    Respected reader
    as salamu alaykum wrwb

    It is quite normal for a salik to pass through states likes this initially in his path. However, with Allah SWT’s fazal, guidance of a perfect Shaykh and continuous renewal of determination, effort & dua of the salik the frequency of these episodes decreases gradually and eventually a stable state is reached.

    In short, do not be disappointed.

    Sometimes the humility and self-worthlessness that develops after a sinful act works like a catalyst in progress of the salik.

    Take care.
    You are in my dua, alhumdulillah.
    muhtaj e dua

  2. 'abd Post author

    It is Shaykh Jamaludin Ahmad Hansvi, a senior khalifa of Shaykh Baba Farid Ganj Shakar (Allah have mercy on them).

    Baba sahib ra used to say about him ‘Jamal mera jamal hay’. Furthermore he use to send all his khulfa to get their ijazetnama (permission to initiate murid) endorsed by him.
    He death preceeded that of his Shaykh in 1261 CE.

    These extracts are from his inspirations. Originally written in Arabic language. They are addressed to himself. They have been compiled as ‘Mulhemat’. They are considered to be one of the classical Chishti sulook text.

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