Love of Allah



‘It must be acknowledged that the usual mode of acquiring the love of Allah is His remembrance (dhikr) and contemplation (fikr).

That is, it is the usual norm set by Allah that when a person does remembrance and contemplation in the appropriate way the love of Allah develops in his heart.

Then (be aware that this) love has two types, the passionate love (hubb-e-ishqi) and the dogmatic love (hubb-e-emani). The remembrance and contemplation to acquire either of  them are different from each other.

For example, the way of acquiring dogmatic love is the recitation of Holy Quran, following Sunna (meticulously), etc. Whereas, for achieving the passionate love when a person does remembrance (as per the Sufi way) of Allah! Allah! with his tongue then the articulation of this blessed word fills his palate, mouth, tongue, ears and all other body parts with effulgence (nur), serenity (sakinah) and delectable perception (lazzet). (This happens when the audible remembrace (dhikr-e-jahr) is done as prescribed by the respectable Sufis).’

Madhmum-e-Zikr, Majmua’ Talefat e Muslih al-Ummat ra, volume 3page 10