The path


Shaykh Jalaluddin Thanesari (Allah have mercy on him d.989 Hijra) instructs,

‘Understand that the beginning of this path is Shariah. Therefore, all essential (fardh), recommended (wajib), Sunna, praiseworthy (mustehib) and etiquette (adab) actions are to be performed. Moreover, avoiding in food, residence and personal being all that is impermissible, suspicious, and of minor or major impurity. This is called purity of physical being. This is all Shariah.

Then comes the path of tariqat. This is to keep one’s heart free of the blame-worthy morals, such as love of the worldly, lust, envy, hatred, arrogance, greed, misery,etc. In addition adorning it with praise-worthy morals, like truthfulness, purity, humility, philanthropy, chivalry, trust, sincerity, best manners and trustworthiness in dealing with fellow human beings (etc.). This is called revolution (gardesh) and changing of morals. Acknowledge that this is a magnanimous feat. This is because without it the real wealth of deen is not achieved and traveling on the path of truth is impossible. Moreover, this feat requires keeping the lowest profile and maintaining seclusion, so that these actions become well established without failures.
سخن باكس مگو الا بضرورت
خلل تا در نيفتند در حضورت

After this comes the path of reality (haqiqah) and realization (marifa).’

Irshad ut Talibeen, page 9

2nd AfME Pneumococcal Summit
Dubai, UAE 12-13 April 2011