Apathetic murid

Sayyadi wa sanadi Mawlana Mufti Mohammad Taqi Usmani (Allah preserve him) said,

‘Previously it was well known that two individuals seldom slept at night. One is the newlywed. The other is a new disciple (murid). However, the situation has changed for the murid with a very few exceptions.

Apathy is common. Yearning and desire to progress is totally lacking.  Completing the daily basic wird is a humongous unsuccessful challenge even after years of relationship with the mentor. This is a common complaint in their islahi letters. What can be done in this regards? No one can do what you have to do yourself. There are no magic potions, amulets or invocations to facilitate this.

Even senior aspirants are stuck on the very basic wird. Aspiration for doing more remembrance (dhikr) and communicating this desire to the mentor is absent. Remember the Shaykh is not going to advance you to the next level until you verbalize your interest and show progress.’

Ramadhan 1429

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  1. mrkkhattak

    This is very true. May Allah SWT give us the taufiq to understand and act on this completely. Aameen.

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