Signs of arrogance

The arrogance (kibr) means that an individual considers himself superior to others regarding the excellent (and desired) qualities. 

It is expected that when an individual has such an allusion about his grandeur the nafs bloats up and starts to manifest the signs (of kibr). They include,

1. Trying to be ahead of everyone while walking with others.

2.  Preferring to be seated in a prominent place in a gathering.

3. Looking down on others with despise.

4. Being angry if others do not initiate to greet and welcome.

5. Being upset if others do not respect him/her.

6. Being visibly annoyed if others offer advice (nasiha).

7. Not accepting the truth even after being convinced.

8.  Looking at the general public as though they are donkeys.

Allah save us all from these.(Amin!)

Taharat e qalb, page 165