An individual who conducted a nikah (marriage contract) for a couple (the first time in his life) in the Prophet’s (Allah’s blessings and peace be upon  him) Mosque in the illuminated city of Madinah stated his feelings,

‘It is amazing how Islam has sanctified this social contract.

Reading of a simple sermon giving advice to be vigilant in fulfilling one’s obligation for Allah’s sake is from the Prophetic example (Sunna). It is not an essential (wajib) part of nikah. The acknowledgment of the bride and groom in front of at least two (adult, sane, Muslims) witnesses with a mutually fixed dowry (mehr) are the only essentials required. Any Muslim can conducted the ritual. No priest or certified individual is required.

The simplicity is awe striking.

Without nikah a similar relationship (i.e. zinna) will be punished by lashings or stoning to death (by a Islamic State), however, this unpretentious ritual works like alchemy. Making the same relationship an act of worship.

May Allah give us the wisdom to understand and appreciate the blessing of Islam. Amin!’

Friday, 1st July 2011, after asr, Bab-Fahad, Masjid e Nabawi, Medinah e munawwarah