Khanqah at Darul Uloom Karachi


Staying in the company of the Shaikh is essential component of the spiritual training and development (tarbiyah) of a seeker.

Special lodgings called khanqah (zawiya) are used for this purpose. Here the seekers (murideen) stay to be in company of their Shaikh. This is their private time in seclusion from all that is worldly. They attend the daily discourses, keep themselves vigilant in worship and make excessive remembrance of Allah as instructed by their Shaikh .

In addition, this provided an opportunity to see the Shaikh closely, learn from his attitude and behavior and absorb his spiritual states.  It also gives the Shaikh a chance to analyze each and every murid individually and closely.

In short, staying in khanqah is extremely beneficial for spiritual growth.

During the blessed month of Ramadan a lot of seekers spare time to do so.

Alhumdulillah, at Darul Uloom Karachi there are arrangements for this. Permission has to be obtained from the Shaikh. This year there were approximately 300 mutakifeen in the mosque. There were other seekers living in the guest house, guest rooms and students’ hostel. Few had come from other countries such as USA, Saudi Arabia, Iran and UAE. There were regular sessions for their spiritual training.

During the last 10 ten days the daily schedule was like this; after fajr prayers, tafsir of Holy Quran was done by Shaikh Mufti Mehmood Ashraf Usmani (Allah preserve him). Around 10 AM there was a session by Shaikh Mufti Abdur Raouf Sukkharavi (Allah preserve him). It included reading from the essential text and its explanation. After dohur sayyidi wa sanadi Mufti Mohammad Taqi Usmani (Allah preserve him) spoke. This was about tazkiyah & tarbiyah. It was the crux of all the activities. After ‘asr and ‘esha Shaikh Mufti Abdur Raouf Sukkharavi (Allah preserve him) had sessions.

In addition the Shaikh provided opportunity to the seekers for private meetings.

Overall, the blessed moments of Ramadan, the gathering of sincere seekers and company of pious Shuyukh was extremely conducive to awareness of spiritual betterment.

مستی كے لیے بو؁ے مے تند ھے كافی

مے خانہ كا محروم بھی محروم نھیں ھے

Room # 141, Darul Usman ra, Darul Uloom, Karachi, 20th- 23rd & 26th – 29th Ramadan 1432, 21st – 24th & 27th – 30th August 2011