How to govern nafs?

Shaikh Abu ‘Amr al-Dimashiqi (Allah have mercy on him) said,

‘He who keeps to the Sunna of the Prophet  (Allah’s blessings and peace be upon him) and lets himself be guided by it, he is the one who governs his nafs in the most excellent way.’

Jawami ‘Adab al-Sufiyya, page 37

2 thoughts on “How to govern nafs?

  1. sayyid

    Respected Hazrath, As salamu alaykum
    Most books I came across only explain part of the sunnah(manners of eating, sleeping, dressing),
    But doesn’t sunnah apply to every part of personal life, social life, zahir and batin etc
    What are some good references for Sunnahs that cover all aspects of life that a saalik can read? Jazakallahu Khairan

  2. 'abd Post author


    Excellent question.

    The book “Uawa e Rasool e Akram” sallalaho alehe wasalam by Arifi billah Dr Abdul Hayy rehmatullah aleh covers all the five sections of Deen (that are, aqaid, worship/ebadaat, mamlaat, muasharet and aklaq) as per Sunna.

    Also, there is a post on this site regarding the seven levels of following the Sunna as per Shaikh Muajaddid Alif thani rehmatullah.

    Muhtaj e dua, abd

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