Brethren in Tasawwuf

Shaikh Shah Wasiullah Allahabadi (Allah Have mercy on him) said,

‘An individual who has established a relationship with Allah also develops a bond with the (contemporary) pious Masters and their disciples, Therefore, they are now called brethren in the Path (of Tasawwuf)  (ikhwan at tareeq).

However, if (in practical life) they do not have unity and mutual compassion then how could they be brothers? They are acting like enemies.Then how could they be called ikhwan at tareeq?

(If this is happening) Then it can be deduced that these individuals are not on the Path. It is only a ritual and a symbol they are following (without any reality). This is because, if they were to be on the Path then its essential effects must have manifested in their life (i.e. bond with Allah and His creation). The absence of the desired result proves the futility of the principles involved itself.’

Halaat e Mulih al-Ummat ra, volume 3, page 419