Respect all human beings

A seeker living in the holy city of Makkah wrote,

‘I feel disgusted when I see the Shia Iranian pilgrims roaming around in this holy city. Please, advice if I need to do anything about these feelings.’

Shaikh Dr. Hafeezullah Sukkharwi/Madani (Allah have mercy on him) replied,

‘Aren’t they human being?

This is grossly inappropriate.

One should abhor their deviant beliefs. However, every human being is to be respected and the best should be desired for him (this includes salvation in hereafter. That is, by making supplication (dua) and effort (as much possible within one’s means) that he may be guided to true faith and practice).’

1 thought on “Respect all human beings

  1. adeelahmad

    Assalamualaykum Janab,

    Sayings of Akabir and Ulama make it very clear that tahqeer for any muslim is haram irrespective of level of maasiyat. Aqwaal of akaabir made me realize folly of this and is Alhamdulillah now clear to me.

    However, for disbelievers, i have heard/read two things which confuse me:
    1. Holding attitude similar to that mentioned in this post.
    Also, my Sheikh, hazratwala (damanbarkatuhu) quoted from Imam Nawa(rehimahullah) not to consider any disbeliever as haqeer.

    2. However i have also read/heard that one should never have ikraam for disbelievers. So much so that i recollect from my Sheikh Hazratwala (damanbarkatuhu) quoting from Allama Shami that one who has ikraam for a disbeliever then ” la shakka fee kufrihi”(no doubt about his kufr).

    My qaleel fehm is unable to reconcile the two things. How can both be brought together?
    Is disliking disbeliever ONLY as long as he is in kufr not a sign of dislike for kufr (and hence desirable)?
    Or is it discouraged because insolents like me are not wise enough to differentiate bughz for Allah Taala and bughz for nafs?

    Now i try to concentrate on my own shortcomings and its islaah and not dwell on this much; but academically (or maybe ikhlaq wise) understanding it may be useful to me especially in context of where i live which is a sea of mushriks.


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