Forceful islah of the household members

Many people try to coerce their family members to reform (islah). Use of verbal,  physical or emotional pressure may be involved in this effort.

The golden words of Mufti Rasheed Ahmad Ludhyanawi (Allah have mercy on him) must be remembered that this is not permissible to do so for post-pubertal individuals, like adult sons, daughters, sons & daughters-in law, etc.

If done without wisdom it backfires and leads to alienation from religion, misunderstandings  and souring of relationships. (May Allah save us all. Amin!)

It is best to make excessive supplications (dua) in this regards and ask Allah for guidance. Then only one should advice them gently in a heartfelt manner at an appropriate time in privacy. Until then one should be involved in his own islah.

Sayyidi wa sanadi Shaikh Mufti Mohammad Taqi Usmani (Allah preserve him) repeatedly tells us,

‘A truthful advice in not a club to strike another individual as one desires.

Sometimes one has to wait for years to say the right thing with the right intention in the right manner for it to be effective.’

Allah give us the tawfeeq. Amin!