Shaikh Sharf-uddin Ahmed Yayha al-Muneri (d:786 Hijri/1384CE) in his search for a Shaikh visited Shaikh Nizam uddin Auliya (d:1325CE) (Allah have mercy on them) in Delhi. He was the most famous Shaikh of India at that time and people from all over the Islamic world came to benefit from him. He was known as Mehboob-e-Ilahi, the beloved of Allah. However, Shaikh al-Muneri did not find munasbet with this great wali and continued his search.

Eventually he found munasbet with a less famous al Suharwardi-al Kubrawi Shaikh Najib-uddin al-Firdausi (Allah have mercy on him) and became his disciple.

Maktubaat e Sadi: Introduction

It is from the basic principles of the tariq that munasbet with Shaikh is essential for spiritual benefit.

A common mistake is to overlook this principle and be hasty, go for famous Shuyukh and give in to peer-pressure.