O spiritual aspirant: Be a mullah!

و الذ کر اسم ربک و تبتل الیہ تبتیلا۔مزمل۔۸

Hakim al-Umma Shaikh Mawlana Ashraf Ali Thanawi (Allah have mercy on him) said,

‘In brief it is essential to disassociate completely from all that is created and focus towards the Creator.

It is clear that thorough disassociation is not at all possible without limiting the relations (with others) (Obviously non-wajib).

The Shuyukh and salikeen should be vigilant in decreasing these associations. They should be perturbed by the gathering of people around them and the respect they show, etc..

Develop this disposition, because the achievement of perfect state of harmony (with the Divine:wusool) is not possible without it.

Based on experience my opinion is that one must live like a blunt mullah. There should not be expression of overwhelming emotions or distribution of amulets & charms (ta’weez, ganday). Do not emulate the lifestyle of the (contemporary) dervishes. All these thing lead to gathering of people.

Live like a mullah, so that others get an impression that you are a vapid mullah.

Instruct your associated to do the same. Bestow them spiritually whatever you want to confidentially in such a manner that none is suspicious that you possess something (spiritual wealth). Keep the external means afar and hide yourself as much as possible.’

Waaz: al-wasal al-fasal,Tasleem o raza, Khutbaat e Hakimul Ummat ra, volume 15, page 203