Proximity of Allah

‘Arif-billah Dr Abdul Hayy ‘Arifi (Allah Have mercy on him) said,

‘People wrongly assume that by observance of excessive worship, like supererogatory salah, excessive remembrance or recitation of Holy Quran,  they will gain pleasure and proximity of Allah.

In our everyday life the pleasure and proximity of Allah is obtained by being patient and responding with humility and good character when unexpected comes from those who are dear and near.

The real examination is when the curt comments and the sarcastic attitude of friends and family break your heart or make your blood boil.

Being patient, controlling one’s anger and responding with humility and good character will make you move closer to pleasure of Allah.

Only an individual who is cognizant that he/she will be accountable before Allah for his/her actions can do this.

This is taqwa.’

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2 thoughts on “Proximity of Allah

  1. sayyid

    Respected Shaykh As Salamu Alaykum wrwb
    Jazakallah Hazrath for the post.

    If we are making zikr then why our other aamaal are not getting better especially our anger, polite behavior with others, patience on difficulties etc. is it because we are not practicing the kind behavior with others and neglecting it?

  2. 'abd Post author

    wa alaykum as salam wrwb


    We have to use our determination (himmat) to abstain from all these bad things. Zikr alone usually is not enough to accomplish this. However, it does facilitates the process. Moreover, a person who is regular with his ma’molaat usually becomes aware of his mistakes earlier and develops severe remorse and repents quickly.

    was salam

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