Reminder: Allah is watching me!

Shaikh Haji Shakeel Ahmed (Allah preserve him) said,

‘Develop the habit of reminding yourself every now and then that Allah is watching me.  Say in an audible voice ‘Allah! Allah! Allah!’.

It is to firmly establish and cultivate this state that Allah made it essential (wajib) for us to visit His house (masjid) five times a day and practice it in salah.

We should strife to establish this in our daily life. An easy way is to set a reminder in our mobile phone that alerts us every 15 minutes that Allah is watching me.’

Jeddah, al-Azizia 30th May 2012, bayan after maghrib

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  1. 'abd Post author

    wa alykum as salam,

    Brother Faiz sahib usually records.
    I am not sure how to get these from him.

    was salam

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