Improving salah

Shaikh Haji Shakeel Ahmed (Allah preserve him) said,

‘A very senior pious individual instructed me that if I was seriously interested in becoming religious than I should be vigilant about improving my salah. That is, praying salah as per Sunna with contemplation that Allah is watching me. He added that if I did not do this than in spite of praying punctually I will be simultaneously doing all the undesirable worldly stuff.

Haji sahib instructed to those present to not to take this lightly. Improving salah should be our topmost priority.

Moreover, he emphasized reading the booklet ‘Namazain Sunnat kay mutabeq parhyay’ by sayyidi wa sanadi Mufti Mohammad Taqi Usmani (Allah preserve him) carefully and meticulously implementing each and every step as instructed. ’

11/8, MC1, KKNGH, Jeddah, 02 June 2012,  after esha

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