Shaikh Haji Shakeel Ahmed (Allah preserve him) very humbly acknowledged that he has ijazah from five shuyukh to accept and instruct spiritual seekers. However, initially he was very reluctant to accept this responsibility. He even held the feet of one of his Shaikh crying and begging him to be exempted from this responsibility. He was absolutely sure that he was incapable and unqualified for this position. Moreover, he was afraid that his popularity as Shaikh will only bring bad opinion of the Tasawwuf and (this specific) silsila from the public.

The shuyukh insisted and instructed him to do as he was told.

Later he admitted to his Shaikh, ‘May Allah reward you abundantly. The bestowal of ijazah has benefited me immensely.‘

The Shaikh asked for an explanation.

Haji sahib replied, ‘Acknowledgement of it acts as a deterrent for involvement in sinful activities. At those moments I address myself and ask:

Even now!

Are you going to be involved in these kind of activities?’

The Shaikh was very much  pleased with the reply.

11/8, MC1, KKNGH, Jeddah, 02 June 2012,  after esha