Improve our salah

One of the attendees requested for a premature departure  Shaikh Haji Shakeel Ahmed (Allah preserve him) humbly asked him to wait few minutes to listen to what he had to say. Then he briefly advised,

‘It should be crystal clear that if we do not improve our salah we will not be able to improve our (spiritual) life.

On the Day of Judgment Allah will not question us about the time spent in Tableegh, or Khanqah or education (madersa). The very first question will be regarding the salah. The foremost thing we will be accountable for will be our salah.

If we are questioned about our salah now, we will be dissatisfied ourselves. Then how could this salah please Allah.’

11/8, MC1, KKNGH, Jeddah, 02 June 2012,  after esha