A spiritual aspirant wrote,

‘The similitude of my nafs is that of of slime covered slithery pig. Restraining it from indulging in sinful is extremely challenging. It wiggles violently and fights ferociously if I try to control it. Getting hold of this slippery, powerful and agile brute is extremely difficult.

Please, make supplication (dua) that Allah gives me the determination and courage to rein this beast. And facilitates this process effectively for me.’

Shaikh Dr Hafeezullah Madani (Allah have mercy on him) replied,


An explicit and vivid similitude indeed.’

Makkah e mukarramah, 1424

2 thoughts on “Nafs

  1. adeelahmad

    Assalamualaykum Janab,
    my first test on trying to keep things simple and not assume anything beforehand when dealing with others (as you advised me):

    Janab, a doubt has arisen in my mind on visiting that is, a new link to facbook has been added recently.
    in light of the deliberate partisanship and mischief of facebeek authorities in recent past and in light of Hazrat Mawlana Taqi Usmani saheb discouraging us not to deal in facebook, i felt karahiyat with the presence of link to facbook and it looked not-in-line with discouraging the facebook.

    i may be over-doing regarding this matter but please do guide me. This is indeed a trivial thing but i felt like asking.

    please forgive my insolence in the matter.


    wa alaykum as salam wrwb


    It must be a mistake. I apologize for it. No link to Facebook was added intentionally.
    The stance of sayyidi wa sanadi db on Facebook has been posted on the site before. It is still valid.

    It is now clear that it is from the wordpress. We are looking into it and inshaAllah correction will be made.


    It has been removed now.

  2. adeelahmad

    JazakAllah Janab.
    was feeling bit nervous that perhaps i may have overstepped but the softness and kindness in your reply has made me happy.

    Allah Taala aapko bahut jazaye-khair de.


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