Things to do prior to Ramadhan


Arif-billah Dr Abdul Hayy Arifi (Allah have mercy on him) said,

‘Do not pursue excessive information.

It is worthwhile to act on whatever knowledge one already has.

Our acts of worship and obedience have become ritualistic. In this era of chaotic life style with environment promoting egoistic and hedonistic characteristics our hearts  do not appreciate the reality and status (of these acts of worship) as it must be. Therefore, first of all we must supplicate to Allah, ‘O Allah! You have bestowed on us these forms of worship, please,  make us appreciate them, give us their blessings, spiritual effulgence, fruition, sound understanding, facilitation of action and a blessed lifestyle. Amin!’

Ramadhan is going to start soon. Appreciate its significance and try to gain benefit from it to the maximum.

Cleanse your exterior and interior body parts prior to its starting by repenting and asking Allah’s forgiveness (from all sinful activities) thoroughly.’

Ramadhan ul mubarak kay anwar shuru honay say pehlay