How to balance between the religious practices?

Sayyidi wa sanadi Shaikh Mohammad Taqi Usmani (Allah preserve him) said!

‘Advice from a Shaikh is needed to effectively balance between the religious practices. In absence of this guidance mistakes are committed. They may lead to either negligence of the rights of parents/spouses or involvement in sinful. This may lead to souring of close relationships and displeasure of Allah.

Moreover, it alienates the secular observers. They become vary of religious change in their lives.’

An individual inquired regarding the nature of this advice.

Is it the one given in weekly or monthly discourses?

Sayyidi wa sanadi elaborated,

‘In general discourses the fundamental principles of practicing Deen are mentioned. However, their application in everyday life varies according to the particular individual’s conditions, circumstances, priorities, etc.. Therefore, specific individual guidance is required. This requires consultation with a spiritual mentor:Shaikh.

To make it more understandable to the physician who asked this question Shaikh added,

This is similar to the field of medicine where the principles of medical sciences are taught in formal lectures. However, application of these principles in a particular clinical settings is very specific to each and every patient. This is based on his signs, symptoms and other comorbid conditions etc.

Therefore, specific guidance from ‘a’ Shaikh is needed to follow Deen effectively.

Ramadhan 1433

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