A seeker

Almost four years ago a young gentleman from North America contacted this site requesting facilitation in establishing a islahi relationship with Sayyidi wa sanadi Mufti Mohammad Taqi Usmani (Allah preserve him). He was directed accordingly.

Sayyidi wa sanadi instructed him to get in contact with one of his mojaz whom he knew from before and could communicate effectively via email and telephone. The sincere brother did meticluously as he was told. He wrote regularly about his religious affairs and sought counsel in improving them.

All praise is for Allah. This summer he travelled from North Americla to spend the last days of Ramadhan in the blessed company of sayyidi wa sanadi Mufti Mohammad Taqi Usmani (Allah preserve him) at Darul Uloom Karachi.

The stay at Darul Uloom was very beneficial. The ascetic living conditions of the hostel,  the post dhuhar discourses in mosque, the tafsir sessions at Hira Foundation’s recording room and blessed company of sayyidi wa sanadi db in his office were  invigorating spiritual elixirs.

He requested for bayiah. Sayyidi wa sanadi reviewed the Islahi correspondence he had done with the mojaz in detail.  Being satisfied the request was accepted and actualized.

Sayyidi db made sure that it was clear to the seeker that the main thing is the islah (reformation and rectification) of one’s spiritual condition. The bayiah is a blessing (Barakah) and to a limited degree an act of Sunna.

The bayiah was made into the silsila of Hakim al Ummah Mawlana Ashraf Ali Thanawi’s Shaikh Haji Imdaullah mohajir makki via Arifbillah Dr Abdul Hayy Arifi, Mawlana Masihullah Khan and Mufti Mohammad Shafi (Allah have mercy on them all).

A detailed dua was made asking Allah for assistance in being steadfast on this allegiance and safeguard from bringing bad name to these pious elders of the silsila.

Instructions for future were given.

The main point sayyid wa sanadi stressed upon was to have this ongoing sense (fikr) of improving one’s condition by recognizing the shortcomings and trying to rectify them.

The blessed brother returns to his hometown tomorrow.

Futuhat-e-Taemoori: prior to maghrib, Friday, 31st August 2012/12th Shawwal 1433. Bait-ul-abd, DHA, Karachi

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