The mercy of Allah for vanished graves

Haji Mohammad Usman, the book seller from Delhi, was a khalifa of Hakim al Umma Shaikh Ashraf Ali Thanawi (Allah ave mercy on them).

After partition he migrated to Karachi, Pakistan and established Maktaba e Thanawi on M.A Jinnah Road. Close to his death he expressed the desired to be buried in the graveyard that is in the middle of the Malir riverbed. The Malir river is a flooded each year in the rainy season and most of the graves are washed away. Everyone was perplexed at this choice of burial site.

At repeated inquiries Haji sahib explained that he had read an incident and desired the mercy mentioned in it for himself. That is, once our master prophet Musa (Allah’s peace be upon him) on his way to Mount Sinai  passed by a graveyard. The dwellers of the grave were being punished for their wrong doings.  On another similar trip some time later he noticed that the graves were neither discernible nor there were any signs of punishment. He requested Allah to reveal the reason for this change. That is, what action or who’s supplication had benefited these individual and the punishment was lifted from them.

Allah told him that it was beyond His mercy to punish those who’s last remaining sign of existence – the grave, had even been wiped out from the face of the Earth with the passage of time.

Haji sahib aspired for the same mercy for himself after flood waters had washed away his grave. This is evident of his extreme humility and absolute annihilation (fana).


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