Affection & devotion of people these days!

Shaikh Dr. Ismail Mangera sahib (Allah preserve him) narrates,

My respected Shaikh Mawlana Masihullah Khan Jalallabadi (Allah have mercy on him) once said to me in private,

“See here, in this day and age no person is loyal and faithful (mu’taqid) to anyone else, except a few, masha’Allah.”

(Hadhratwala’s tone and expression was something special.)

“Each person is a devotee of his own self.

As long as you pander to others, agreeing with their whims, talking softly and sweetly, people will express their devotion to you.

The moment you say ‘No. No;’ and people cannot make use of you, both affection and devotion vanish – muhabbat is gone and so is i‘tiqad.”

(And this has been borne out by experience!)

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