Islahi relationship

Shaikh Mawlana Abdul Hafiz khalifa of Shah Abdul Ghani Phulpuri (Allah have mercy on them) said,

‘Many people develop an islahi (self betterment & improvement) relationship (with a Shaikh). However, few of them fulfill its rights.

The right of this relationship is to consult the Shaikh in every issue and follow his recommendations. There are very few individuals that follow the recommendations (thoroughly). One has to stay away from self opinion (khud-raiy) and self conceit (khud-beini). Otherwise, instead of proximity and pleasure (of Allah) one is distanced (further away) from Him.

This is a very clear but subtle path.

Only the individual who follows the recommendations thoroughly will progress on this path.’

Malfuzaat e Hafiziya, (pdf online) page 50-1


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